Before filing a US trademark, it is important to verify whether the same trademark is already in the register. This is called a direct hit search. There are 12 million trademarks in the US Register which results in a lot of collisions.

A direct hit search is included with our trademark application service.

The fastest path to a registered trademark is to file for one or a few goods (the mark is less likely to run into other Registered marks if it’s narrower) that are already in-use with the mark, and also have a search performed in advance to preemptively avoid other similar Registered marks. File for a trademark NOW!

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Benefits of using TrademarKraft

Experience, Integrity. We use TEAS PLUS - faster, cheaper!

Most of our trademark applications are prepared using TEAS Plus, which is cheaper and faster ($250 per class rather than $350 per class). Most of our competitors use TEAS Standard which slows your application. If you are eligible for TEAS Plus, we will use it!

Most TEAS Standard applications receive an office action within the first few months. Filing in TEAS Plus avoids this since it correctly classifies the goods so Examiners dont have any questions, resulting in a 4X higher initial approval rate and an average 2 months faster registration.