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We love helping you with trademarking and brand protection, and we have been at it for years. We provide professional US trademark services to businesses and individuals, at cost-effective pricing.

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The Trademark Filing Process

  • Step 1 - Searching the USPTO Database

    A direct-hit search of the USPTO database using the latest search technology to ensure someone is not already using your trademark. Optional Deep Search™ gives added assurance for similar marks.

  • Step 2 - Preparing the Application

    Preparing the application including restating the goods and services description in a form preferred by the USPTO and identifying obvious barriers to registration before filing. Optional review by a licensed trademark attorney for extra assurance and a lawyer by your side through the trademarking process.

  • Step 3 - Filing and Monitoring Application

    We file the application with the USPTO and monitor it for further actions along the path to registration. If the Trademark Examiner has questions about the application, we let you know and identify some courses of action for you.

Trademark Filing


How long does it take for a trademark to register

It usually takes 3 - 6 months after filing before an Examining Attorney looks at the file. She may accept the trademark as filed, or issue an office action rejecting the application, requiring clarification or modification of the application.

What are international classes?

Goods and services for which trademarks are filed, are divided into 45 classes, 1 - 30 for goods and 31 - 45 for services. Your goods and services are divided into classes according to the international classification, and the USPTO standard filing fee is $275 per class.

When should I file a trademark?

When you are at the final stages of the branding process, and you have gone through the brainstorming and designs, and focus groups. You should get the trademark filing underway once you have finalized the name, even if the final determination on the logo is still pending. Don't forget to also register your domain name!

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