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The Trademark Application Process

  • Step 1 - Examination

    Once an application is filed, the Examiner reviews the application and compares it to other marks in the Registry. The Examiner issues an office action if the application has problems, and we can resolve them in your favor.

  • Step 2 - Opposition

    Once an application is approved, it is published. During publication (opposition period) you can file an opposition against the mark. We can oppose a mark or defend you from an opposition.

  • Step 3 - Registration

    Once the mark is registered, you can enforce the trademark against those who seek to take advantage of your hard-earned goodwill. We can enforce your mark for you.

Free Analysis of your Office Action or Opposition

Send us your Trademark Office Action or Opposition, and we'll give you a free analysis of the action items and your chance of success. It always helps to have a second opinion. We thrive on the challenge.

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How long does it take for a trademark to register

It usually takes 3 - 6 months after filing before an Examining Attorney looks at the file. She may accept the trademark as filed, or issue an office action rejecting the application, requiring clarification or modification of the application. Overall, the majority of trademark register within 6 - 9 months.

I just received an extension on an Opposition - what does it mean?

If a potential opposer has applied for an extension of time, that means they are either discussing whether to oppose your mark, or they want to provide time to negotiate with you, to narrow the mark or ask you to cancel it.

I received an office action - What do I do?

You have six months from the Office Action date to file a response. However, a skillful response addresses the Examiner's objections without unnecessarily giving away rights. We can help you manage the response, and get through the Examination stage faster. Contact us.

When can I register on the Amazon Brand Registry?

Once your trademark is registered, you can register on the brand registry. You'll need the name or logo that you have trademarked, with words, and a registration number. You can register from other countries besides the US.

If I have been opposed, should I abandon my trademark?

No, don't be afraid of the process - we can guide you through for less than you think. The opposition process is used by other marks, particular famous one, to scare you into abandoning your trademark. But often they do not have strong grounds to oppose. Contact us for a free assessment.