Certification mark to certify that goods or services - How does it work?

  • 18 June, 2024
  • Nyall Engfield

Certification mark to certify that goods or services - How does it work?

A certification mark is a special type of trademark used to certify that goods or services meet certain standards set by the owner of the mark. The key characteristics of certification marks are:

  • They certify that a product or service has a particular property, such as origin, material, quality, mode of manufacture, or that the provider has met certain standards. For example, a certification mark may indicate a cheese is from a specific region like Roquefort, France
  • The owner of the certification mark is not the provider of the goods/services, but rather an independent certifying organization that establishes the standards that must be met to use the mark. The owner cannot use the mark itself
  • Any provider who meets the certifying standards can be authorized by the owner to use the certification mark. The owner cannot discriminate by refusing the mark to qualified providers
  • Certification marks are different from ordinary trademarks, which indicate commercial source and brand rather than certifying standard.A product may display both its brand trademark and a certification mark.
Some well-known examples of certification marks include ENERGY STAR for meeting efficiency standards, UL for meeting safety requirements, and Woolmark for certifying a product is 100% wool. Certification marks provide assurance to consumers that products or services bearing the mark meet the established criteria.
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