After Registration

As we celebrate the milestones of your trademark registration, it's crucial to remember the key dates to maintain its protection and benefits. Between the fifth and sixth anniversaries of your registration, you are required to file a Section 8 Declaration, along with a specimen and the associated fee, to affirm your trademark's continuous use. This step is essential to keep your trademark active and enforceable.

For those who need a little extra time, you can benefit from a grace period up to six months following the sixth anniversary, for a nominal additional fee of $100.00 per class. This provides a flexible option to ensure your trademark remains in good standing without interruption.

Don't forget: To solidify your trademark's longevity, the combined Sections 8 & 9 form submission is due every 10 years following your initial registration. This process not only maintains your trademark's registration but also reaffirms your commitment to its enduring value and protection.

Acting promptly ensures your trademark's continuous protection and avoids the possibility of cancellation. Let us help you navigate these milestones with ease and confidence. Keep your trademark secure and thriving for years to come!

Declaration of Incontestability under section 15

Unlock the ultimate safeguard for your trademark by achieving incontestable status! After diligently maintaining your mark in continuous use in commerce for five years following its registration or its publication under section 12(c), you're eligible to file a Section 15 declaration. This pivotal step not only marks a significant milestone but also fortifies your trademark with an ironclad layer of protection, making it incontestable.

Remember, the power of incontestability is a privilege exclusive to marks registered on the Principal Register. This esteemed status is not applicable to marks on the Supplemental Register, highlighting the unique advantage of your achievement.

For your convenience, you may file this declaration within one year after the completion of any five-year period of continuous use, post-registration or post-publication under section 12(c). This timing often aligns with the need to file a Section 8 declaration, streamlining the process and reinforcing your trademark's standing in the marketplace. To include the Declaration of Incontestability under section 15, please select the Premium Renewal Service.

Seize this opportunity to declare your mark incontestable, showcasing your commitment to its longevity and dominance in commerce. Let's celebrate this milestone and ensure your trademark's legacy is set in stone!

* USPTO Section 8 renewal fees per Class are $225 currently as of Jan 1, 2024