Our Mission:

To provide sophisticated trademark services to small businesses and individuals, at affordable prices.

Our Founder, Nyall Engfield, Esq., is a California-registered trademark attorney working in the field of trademarks for the past 15 years. Originally an electrical engineer, graduating from the University of Waterloo, Nyall left high-tech to study law at the University of Calgary. With a Dean's List finish, and a final year at the University of Ottawa with a specialization in intellectual property law, Nyall practiced in Ontario, Canada before starting a noted local firm in San Diego, CA.  

TrademarKraft was started with a focus on trademarks, and specifically the more complicated areas such as trademark office actions. Best of all, this sophisticated approach would be matched by a reasonable cost, for small companies to defend their rights using the same tools as the larger companies.

TrademarKraft also provides trademark filing services, and we prepare our applications with a view to preventing barriers during examination. We tailor the application in view of the search results so that you not only have a chance, but our hope is that the application passes through with no issues at all. We prepare the applications to address the issues up-front, so no time-consuming office actions need to be addressed, and the mark can pass through to registration as quickly as possible. It's not always possible to avoid all objections, but should one arise we will fight for you with our skill in office actions.

We help our clients build a strong brand with cost-effective fees, timely responses, innovative solutions to apparent trademark roadblocks. In order to provide this level of service, we make ourselves available to our clients throughout the year, not just when action items strike on their trademark files.  

You can contact Nyall Engfield directly with any questions. Please see the contact page.