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About TrademarKraft™ and Nyall Engfield, Esq.

Our Mission:

To provide expert trademark services to small businesses and individuals, at affordable prices.

Our Founder, Nyall Engfield, Esq., is a California-registered trademark attorney working in the field of US trademarks for the past 10 years. When he started working in the field, trademark filing and prosecution were done by larger companies, who had the budget, and the work was performed by lawyers at large law firms, who were generally unavailable, billed 0.3 hours every time they answered the phone, and were generally unsuited to helping small companies. The high cost of attorneys made a trademark an unaffordable luxury for many start-ups, when their need was highest.

TrademarKraft was formed to help small businesses and Amazon FBA resellers with their branding needs, to protect the brand they were building so that one day it would stand as a formidable asset. To get protection for your listing, Amazon requires a registered trademark, and we have optimized our filings for speed through to registration and applicability to Amazon's Brand Registry. Another payoff is that the brand and business could later be resold to a larger company, to provide an exit strategy for the FBA business or reseller. 

We help our clients build a strong brand with cost-effective fees, timely responses, innovative solutions to apparent trademark roadblocks. In order to provide this level of service, we make ourselves available to our clients throughout the year, not just when action items strike on their trademark files.  

TrademarKraft is not only focused on achieving registered trademarks for its clients, but ensuring those trademarks are protected on Amazon through the Amazon Brand Registry and brand registry services on other online retailers, and with US customs. You can contact Nyall Engfield directly with any questions at or through our contact page.