About TrademarKraft™

Brands are our Passion, Trademarks are our Kraft™

Our Mission:

To provide expert trademark services to small businesses and individuals, at affordable prices.

Our founders are trademark attorneys working in the field of US trademarks for the past 10 years. When they started working in the field, trademarks were limited to larger companies, who had the budget, and the work was performed by attorneys, who had varying experience with trademarks. Much of the processes that the attorneys were carrying out to file a trademark were routine and automatable, but the lawyer element added cost and the possibility of human error. In addition, the high cost of attorneys made a trademark an unaffordable luxury for many start-ups, when their need was highest.

TrademarKraft was formed to automate the filing process, using software and detailed procedures to review applications, compare new marks to existing, registered marks and restate the goods and services. The benefits of computerizing the process is reduced cost and reduced human error, and faster handling of filing instructions and Examiner Reports.

This system was designed by attorneys along with a team of programmers, and uses software that has been trained with thousands of Examiner decisions, Board decisions and Court decisions (far more than any attorney can know at one time!) When you use our trademark filing system and make choices within the interface, the software also learns about your preferences. While the trademark filing system is very good at the moment, over time, the software will become better and better, and have instantaneous access to hundreds of thousands of human made decisions that form the backbone of US trademark law, thus providing a solid legal foundation for any and all decisions that we make for your application.

The software also provides many of the benefits of a skilled human review of the trademark filing process. In particular, the software is used to look for similar or confusing marks that are in the Registry or in the marketplace, and bring them to your attention, where you can make a decision on what to do. Also, the application is reviewed by the software as it is prepared for common hurdles, to raise the chances of a successful registration. As opposed to someone filing the trademark directly with the USPTO, problematic areas of the trademark application are flagged and raised for rectification by the filer. Most online trademark services do not review the application, and will only perform a direct-hit search. Legal advice is not provided unless you select "with review by a registered attorney", in which case a licensed trademark attorney takes over the filing.

We have seen the gamut of situations that may arise with a trademark filing and prosecution, and are working continuously to improve the systems processes, and improve manual review of the applications, to optimize your trademark protection. We look forward to continuing to serve you in the coming years, as your trademark application moves through the system to approval, and help you with protecting the brand you have worked so hard to build.