We help you climb the mountain to Trademark Registration

We like the complex stuff - researching and arguing case law, and making arguments to overcome objections like a 2d likelihood of confusion and 2e descriptiveness. With a focus in this field, we bring our expertise to all areas of trademark law. Yes, we file trademarks in the US and around the world, and we keep in mind the objections that you may face, and mitigate them before the filing. We also streamline the filing so your application registers as soon as possible. We work hard to provide professional services at affordable prices, every day.

office action response overcome

Trademark Office Actions - After a trademark is filed, the Examiner picks up the file within 9 - 10 months and review it. If there is an issue, then the Examiner will issue an office action, for which you have 3 months to respond with a further 3-month extension possible. We recommend responding as soon as possible, since by delaying, you are delaying your application.

The objection may be some housekeeping like the mark description, or restatement of the goods and services. More problematic objections are 2(d) likelihood of confusion with another mark already in the Register, or 2(e) descriptive of a characteristic of the goods and services with which the mark is associated. Both of these objections require legal argument, and we can help you overcome them. Ask us for a free assessment of your chances and options.