USPTO patent practitioners

USPTO Patent Practitioners - the "A"s part III

  • 14 June, 2024
  • Nyall Engfield

USPTO Patent Practitioners - the "A"s part III

To qualify for the patent bar and become a licensed patent practitioner (patent attorney or patent agent) in the United States, an individual must meet the eligibility requirements set by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The key requirements are:
  1. Demonstrating Good Moral Character
    Applicants must show that they possess good moral character and reputation. The USPTO may conduct background checks or inquire about any past misconduct or disciplinary issues.
  2. Possessing Sufficient Technical Background
    Patent practitioners must have a strong technical background to understand the inventions they work with. This requirement can be met in one of two ways:
a) Category A: Holding a bachelor's degree in a recognized technical subject, such as engineering, computer science, physics, chemistry, or biology. The USPTO maintains a list of qualifying degrees.
b) Category B: For degrees not on the Category A list, applicants must show they have taken a certain number of credit hours in physics, chemistry, engineering, biological sciences, or computer science courses.
The USPTO has recently expanded the list of qualifying degrees under Category A, added advanced degrees, and removed the accreditation requirement for computer science degrees to streamline the qualification process.
  1. Passing the USPTO Registration Examination
    After meeting the educational requirements, applicants must pass the USPTO Registration Examination (also known as the "Patent Bar Exam"). This rigorous test covers patent laws, rules, and procedures. It assesses the applicant's knowledge and competence to practice before the USPTO.
Upon passing the exam, patent agents are registered to practice before the USPTO. To become a patent attorney, one must additionally be an active member in good standing of a state bar. The USPTO's Office of Enrollment and Discipline (OED) oversees the registration process, maintains the roster of qualified practitioners, and ensures compliance with professional standards.

Without further ado, the list of patent practitioners, the "A"s part III

Anderson Jay Troutman Sanders LLP 68893
Anderson Lyndsay Fanuc America Corporation 70953
Anderson Christopher Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP 77898
Anderson Clifton 30989
Anderson MaryDilys Pierce Atwood LLP 52560
Anderson Andrew Harter Secrest & Emery LLP 33564
Anderson William Robertson & Anderson, PLLC 34765
Anderson Stephen University Of Illinois 41584
Anderson Jeffrey Imerys USA 42263
Anderson Thomas Holland & Hart LLP 56293
Anderson Matthew Marbury Law Group PLLC 78257
Anderson Vincent Compass IP Law PC 54962
Anderson Amanda DeMarco IP 80381
Anderson William NASA Langley Research Center 56760
Anderson Maria Knobbe, Martens, Olson, and Bear LLP 40574
Anderson Ronald 51404
Anderson Jeffrey McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP 51403
Anderson Margaret 26828
Anderson Philip Bally Technologies 29887
Anderson Braden Wilson Sonsini Good & Rosati PC 82337
Anderson Edmund North Star IP Law PLLC 34764
Anderson Chad Venable LLP 44505
Anderson Lauren Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP 69344
Anderson Todd MacMillan, Sobanski & Todd 75067
Anderson Daniel 68307
Anderson William 79297
Anderson Alyssa American University, Washington College of Law 901198
Anderson Lawrence Army Research Laboratory 29503
Anderson Roy Wagner, Anderson & Bright, P.C. 30240
Anderson Matthew Nellcor Puritan Bennett LLC 61563
Anderson Jaimie K&L Gates, LLP 72985
Anderson Jeffrey Aptezzo Technology 73507
Anderson Robert c\o Hon. Mary Pat Thynge 52561
Anderson Kurtis Polsinelli 75861
Anderson Ronald Law Offices of Ronald M. Anderson 28829
Anderson Gary Fulwider Patton LLP 30729
Anderson Richard Fish & Richardson P.C. 36732
Anderson Claude 40487
Anderson Kevin Wiley Rein & Fielding, LLP 43471
Anderson Michael Baker Hostetler LLP 46520
Anderson Kraig Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan & Aronoff LLP 54961
Anderson Scott 64502
Anderson Troy Suiter Swantz PC LLO 74049
Anderson Carson 76039
Anderton John 58168
Anderton H. K&L Gates 40895
Andes William Law Office of William F. Andes, Jr. 33222
Andes William General Electric Company 33582
Andia Gilbert Higgins Benjamin, PLLC 38815
Andken Kerry Dorsey & Whitney, LLP 68075
Andler John 53895
Ando Masako Beyer Law Group LLP 59900
Andon Christopher NIKE, Inc. 51406
Andonian Joseph 17443
Andonyan George Law Office 68490
Andrade Gioconda 60836
Andrade Adriana 63826
Andrade Dilip Andrade IP Service LLP 53942
Andrade John Parkowski, Guerke & Swayze, P.A. 31919
Andras Joseph Myers Andras LLP 33469
Andrea Adam 67883
Andrea Brian Supernal, LLC 60496
Andreansky Eric 75095
Andreasen David Bose Corporation 65291
Andreasen Nolan Gurr Brande & Spendlove, PLLC 81143
Andreev Dmitrii Lowenstein Sandler LLP 57428
Andreoli Angelica Shook, Hardy & Bacon 75347
Andres Charles Greenberg Trarig, LLP. 57537
Andres John 30931
Andress Brian Deere & Company 59927
Andrew Jennifer Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery 61185
Andrew Amy 71063
Andrew Raymond 20695
Andrew Zephyr 68602
Andrews Joshua K&L Gates LLP 79215
Andrews Mark Andrews Arts & Sciences Law, LLC 43472
Andrews Alexander Alix, Yale & Ristas, LLP 62205
Andrews Teri 45903
Andrews Pierson IP Consultant 70242
Andrews Jaen 35051
Andrews Damon 63135
Andrews David Microsoft Corporation 58641
Andrews Robert 44508
Andrews Django Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc. 67005
Andrews Jeffrey Yetter Coleman LLP. 62206
Andrews Nathanael PERKINS COIE, LLP 72555
Andrews Cecilia Novells Inc. 57970
Andrews John Greer, Herz & Adams, L.L.P. 60321
Andrews-Wilberforce Daniel Wliberforce Law Firm 53951
Andreyev Dmitriy FlagshipIP, P.C. 59628
Andri Michael Alleman Hall Creasman & Tuttle LLP 59246
Andrian Raivo 79257
Andrikopoulos Konstantinos Tome Biosciences 48915
Andring Jonathan 74326
Andris Robert Ropers Majeski Kohn and Bentley 52562
Andron Jonathan Sanofi 68308
Androski Lindsay Roivant Sciences, Inc. 53952
Andrus Alex Viksnins Harris Padys Malen LLP 44509
Andrus Reed Battelle Energy Alliance, LLC 51407
Andruska Donald 55798
Andruska Mary Lynn 55801
Andrzejak Christopher Ingrassia Fisher & Lorenz 57212
Ang Kwee Ling Kwee Ling Ang 65749
Angell Jason Orrick Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP 51408
Angello Paul Stoel Rives LLP 30991
Angelo Basil ANGELO IP 62811
Angelocci Nicholas Dickinson Wright PLLC 74024
Angeloro Lauren Syracuse University College of Law 901053
Angelovich Michael Nix, Patterson and Roach, LLP 37584
Anger Benjamin Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear LLP 62207
Angers-Nguyen Pierre Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP 55043
Angert Michael Loza & Loza, LLP 46522
Angileri Frank Brooks Kushman P.C. 36733
Angkadjaja Stephanie Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP 74857
Anglehart James Anglehart et al. 38796
Angotti Donna The Law Offices of Donna L. Angotti 32679
Angres Isaac Isaac A. Angres, Ph.D. 29765
Angstadt Gregory Angstadt Law LLC 79509
Anguiano Michael Byrne Poh LLP 79762
Angus Robert Westman Champlin and Kelly PA 24383
Aniedobe Christopher Dobe Law Group, LLC 48293
Anilionis Algis Algis Anilionis, Ph.D. 36995
Aninakwa Kofi Dentsply Sirona 78558
Anis Hissan Avek IP, LLC 65943
Anissi Andrew 57316
Anjom Masood Alavi & Anaipakos PLLC 62167
Ankenbrandt Brian K&L Gates LLP 41586
Ankerman Chantelle Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider, LLP 77702
Ankney Thomas Bissell INC 52563
Annadorai Sahana Boulware & Valoir, PLLC 80308
Annaloro John ChromaCode, Inc. 76353
Annear R 43374
Annett Mark Annett Enterprises LLC 69401
Annick Christina The Bilicki Law Firm 46428
Annis David Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP 54963
Anoff Alexandra The Procter & Gamble Company 68460
Anolick Simon HERE Technologies 37585
Ansani Paul 80210
Ansari Sadiq Ledell Ansari, LLP 64270
Ansari Sajid Roberts Mlotkowski Safran 67491
Ansari Hazim PatentMetrix, 40896
Anscomb Brian 48641
Ansell Edward 18374
Ansems Gregory Honeywell International, Inc. 42264
Ansley Carol ARRIS Group, Inc. 76331
Ansley William Weil Gotshal & Manges LLP 67828
Anslinger Michael KPMG LLP 63017
Anson Chad Forcepoint LLC 44510
Anstess Cameron Brooks Kushman PC 82069
Antala Sagar Greenberg Traurig 78857
Antalis Zachary Ashford & Wriston, LLP 60689
Antar Stacey Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. 39595
Antaramian Edward 31476
Antczak Andrew Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP 70871
Anten Lewis Lewis Anten A Professional Corp. 26604
Anthony Carey Venjuris, P.C. 55022
Anthony Peter 68845
Anthony William Orrick Herrington and Sutcliffe LLP 24771
Anthony Corey U.S. Department of Justice 65292
Anthony Stephen 63959
Anthony Ted Babineaux, Poché, Anthony & Slavich, L.L.C. 38816
Anthony Daniel Smart & Biggar 62402
Anthracite Raymond The Law Office of Raymond F. Anthracite 61835
Antinore Michael 51409
Antis Michele 68101
Antista Michael Edgewell Personal Care Company 45340
Antler Adriane Jones Day 32605
Antolin Stanislav 34979
Antonacci Jennifer 50568
Antone Michael Law Office of Michael Antone 39094
Antone Nahil Law Offices of Antone, Casagrande & Adwers, P.C. 38817
Antonelli Arthur Law Office of Arthur M Antonelli, PLLC. 51410
Antonelli Matthew Antonelli, Harrington & Thompson LLP 45973
Antonio Alexander Rosenthal Pauerstein Sandoloski Agather 78340
Antonio Robert Paradice and Li LLP 63136
Antonov Andrew Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC 82045
Antons Amanda Dechert LLP 65236
Antonson Erik Advent, LLP 65910
Antony Jinto VMware Inc 800042
Antunes Lucia E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company 45435
Antush Ronald Nokia USA Inc. 36734
Anumula Shashank 69362
Anvid Linda 52564
Anyaso Uchendu Caterpillar Inc. 51411
Anyetei Melissa Mayer Brown, LLP 62989
Anzalone Steven FisherBroyles, LLP 32095
Aoki Kazuo Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, LLP 60618
Aoki Margie COJK 62644
Aparicio Jose 48837
Apel Brian Banner & Witcoff 71788
Apelgren Lynn 45341
Apffel Ross Daikin Comfort Technologies Manufacturing 80432
Apffel Paul 35427
Apicelli Samuel Duane Morris LLP 36427
Apley Richard Nath, Goldberg, & Meyer 51316
Apolzon Lawrence Fross Zelnick Lehrman and Zissu PC 30992
Appelbaum Benjamin 38068
Appelbaum Scott Cooper & Dunham LLP 41587
Appenzeller David Adams Intellex, PLC 81659
Apper Mitchell Davis Wright Tremaine, LLP 76997
Apple Sean Tyz Law Group PC 74899
Apple Randolph Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton 36429
Applebaum Eliana Kirkland & Ellis LLP 80159
Appleby Robert Kirkland & Ellis, LLP 40897
Appleby Vanessa 33223
Appledorn Thomas Honigman, Miller, Schwarz & Cohn, LLP 59348
Applegate Cameron NK Patent Law 69606
Applegate Gabriel Baker & Hostetler LLP 74207
Appleman Jolene 35428
Appleton Mark Appleton Law Office 29607
Appollina Mary 34087
Appy David 61564
Apreotesi Mario Sawtooth Patent Group PLLC 65293
Apsens Kathryn Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP 80894
Aquilina James Quarles & Brady LLP 63550
Aquilino Nicholas 24527
Aquino Damian Harness, Dickey & Pierce, P.L.C. 54964
Ara Jahan Drexel University College of Medicine 46237
Arabi Mani 75779
Arabshahi Mehdi 48762
Aragona Robert IBM Corporation 70061
Arai Katsuhiro Law Office of Katsuhiro Arai 43315
Araiza Alberto Perkins Coie LLP 60621
Araj Elana Greenberg Traurig, LLP 75804
Arakawa Chika Morrison & Foerster, LLP 72375
Arakelyan Ionne University of California, Los Angeles School of Law 901282
Arana Louis 79216
Arana Christopher American International Group, Inc. 47390
Arand Joseph K&L Gates LLP 60421
Aranda Andrew Diversey, Inc. 52565
Aranda Cassidy 82573
Aranguren Christopher Alston & Bird LLP 77981
Arant Gene 17936
Arastafar Martin RingCentral, Inc. 61904
Araujo Jose University of Idaho College of Law 901385
Arbes Carl 81954
Arbit Ruslan 82196
Arbolante Joan Lowenstein Sandler LLP 58642
Arbulu Roberto Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati P.C. 79590
Archer David David J Archer M.I. Inf. Sc. 31076
Archibald Patrick Archibald IP LLC 52464
Archibald Daniel United Technologies Corp. 62450
Archie William Archer Entertainment Law PC 45370
Arcia Juan WEISBERG I.P. LAW, P.A. 81392
Arciniegas Laura Gambro, Inc. 47466
Ard Joel Ard Law Group PLLC 67041
Ardayfio Joseph 70594
Ardeleanu Nada Cardinal Health 54965
Arden Nilou 71357
Ardito Amelia California Western School of Law 900764
Ardizzone Timothy Wood, Herron & Evans, L.L.P. 65599
Areaux Raymond Carver, Darden, Koretzky, Tessier, Finn 33643
Arechederra Leandro 52457
Arena Christopher Baker & Hostertler LLP 35429
Arenare Debra Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 35829
Arenas Frank 51412
Arenberg Bailey 82574
Arendsen Glenn 22331
Arendt Jacqueline Arendt & Associates Intellectual Property Group 43474
Arens Nicholas Polaris Industries 78437
Arenson Tanya Casimir Jones, S.C. 47391
Arenson Gregory Pearson, Simon & Warshaw, LLP 76399
Arezina Vladimir Lathrop Gage LLP 54966
Argall Arthur 73005
Arganian Tamar Gonzaga University School of Law 901420
Argenti Matthew Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 61836
Argentieri Steven Goodwin Procter LLP 69083
Arguello Alfredo 66565
Aria Sina Sean O'Melveny & Myers LLP 69490
Ariano Jonathan Osborn Maledon PA 52566
Arias Karla Crowell & Moring LLP 72679
Arias Juan Wiedner & McAuliffe, Ltd. 66378
Arias Juan Thompson Hine LLP 64831
Arico Joseph Dechert LLP 70595
Arienti Kristen Johnson & Johnson 67042
Arif Farrah 63082
Arif Tariq 66566
Arima Yusuke IPUSA PLLC 68747
Arimoto Jamison 61905
Ariniello Pamela 40489
Aris Sheena 78459
Arjomand Ataullah Arjomand Law Group 60497
Arjomand Mehran Morrison & Foerster LLP 48231
Arjune Leanna Syracuse University College of Law 901449
Ark Daniel Quarles and Brady, LLP 60978
Arkin Marc 65420
Arko Cynthia Dexcom, Inc. 61420
Arlander Sonnet W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. 71408
Armaly Samir Rovi Corporation 40898
Armantrout David Thorpe North and Western 73859
Armenio Peter Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP 41588
Arment Brian Setter Roche LLP 64134
Arment Keith Setter Roche LLP 72061
Armentrout Raymond Black Lowe & Graham PLLC 45866
Armiger Yoek Lin Abbott Laboratories 53953
Armijo Dennis Dennis F. Armijo, P.C. 34116
Armitage Robert Consultant 27417
Armitage Benjamin Billion & Armitage 57213
Armon Orion Cooley LLP 65421
Armond Michelle Armond Wilson LLP 53954
Arms Jonathan DEC-TAM Corporation 47223
Armstrong John 37767
Armstrong Natalie McGarry Bair PC 80535
Armstrong Edward 26144
Armstrong Michael Lewis Rice LLC 77294
Armstrong Kara 38234
Armstrong Richard Clark and Elbing LLP 54590
Armstrong Mary Anne Birch Steward Kolasch & Birch, LLP 40069
Armstrong James Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP 42266
Armstrong Joel Oliff PLC 36430
Armstrong Chanette 44011
Armstrong Ronald The Armstrong Firm, PLLC 62552
Armstrong Loren Sound Transit 51413
Armstrong Jeffrey Akerman LLP 54967
Armstrong Brian Mehaffy Weber 59413
Arndt Eric 81508
Arndt Andrea Dickinson Wright, PLLC 76648
Arnell Eric Leydig, Voit & Mayer 71409
Arner Raymond Pierce Atwood LLP 32958
Arner Erika Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP 57540
Arneson Laura Beckman Coulter, Inc. 63239
Arnett Stephen Perkins Coie LLP 47392
Arnett Charles Dow AgroSciences LLC 51414
Arnett Orville 51415
Arnett Charles 80007
Arnett W 64503
Arney Neil Kutak Rock, LLP 41589
Arney Michelle Smart Assets, Inc. 54968
Arnheim Steven Plumsea Law Group, LLC 43475
Arno Thomas Veros Legal Solutions, LLP 40490
Arnold Monica Armond Wilson LLP 77262
Arnold Christopher Genus PLC 79072
Arnold Jennifer 74858
Arnold Troy Arnold Global Enterprises, Inc. 56270
Arnold Jeffery Holland & Knight LLP 39540
Arnold David Cantor Colburn LLp 48894
Arnold Jack 25823
Arnold Deana Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc 52567
Arnold Craig Amster Rothstein and Ebenstein 34287
Arnold Bruce 28493
Arnold Stephen Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Inc. 74660
Arnold James Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 55980
Arnold Adam Pitts & Lake 55979
Arnold Patrick McAndrews Held & Malloy, Ltd. 37769
Arnold L. Arnold Law Firm, PLLC 79830
Arnold Beth Biologic Patent LLC 35430
Arnold Trevor Arthrex, Inc. 51416
Arnold Steven Micron Technology, Inc. 33354
Arnold Glenn Boston Scientific Corporation 65997
Arnold Alison 37084
Arnold Lester 25241
Arnold Gordon Arnold, Knobloch L.L.P. 32395
Arnoldo MaryAnne Torys LLP 58287
Arnott John Munck Wilson Mandala, LLP 39095
Arnott James James Arnott 70459
Arnsdorff Cheri Johnson, Marcou, Isaacs, & Nix 76766
Arola Dave 48080
Aron Eviatar JMB Davis Ben-David 68894
Aronin Caren Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 74395
Aronoff Michael Stanley Black & Decker, Inc. 37770
Aronoff Marvin Aronoff Associates 35052
Aronovich Adir 700004
Arons Edward Weiss & Arons, LLP 44511
Aronson Howard Lackenbach Siegel LLP 27302
Aronson Michael MP & G Aronson, Inc 50372
Aronson Joshua Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP 64504
Aronson Elliot 29279
Arora Suneel Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A. 42267
Arora Anuj Aequitas Technologies LLC 78460
Arora Rahul Haley Guiliano LLP 77377
Arora Kartar 54586
Arovas Gregory Kirkland and Ellis, LLP 38818
Arpi Aaron Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP 72598
Arpin Anthony Haley Guiliano LLP 62553
Arrambide Joseph 39589
Arreguin Echeverria Alfonso 82312
Arreguin-Martinez Esmeralda 80355
Arrett Jane Vidas, Arrett & Steinkraus, P.A. 33355
Arrett Richard Vidas Arrett & Steinkraus P.A. 33153
Arri Luis Law Offices of James Stone Craven, LLC 47393
Arria Thomas 60223
Arrigo Salvatore Arrigo, Lee, Guttman & Mouta-Bellum LLP 46063
Arrington Ethan 82397
Arrington Mark Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox, PLLC 73784
Arrington Melinda 64589
Arriola-Kern Trinidad Kern Consulting Group 44012
Arroyo Blas Alston & Bird LLP 31319
Arrubla Andres Treace Medical Concepts, Inc. 68102
Arsanos Lawrence 80874
Arsego David Fay Kaplun & Marcin LLP 79657
Arsenault John JA LLC 64702
Arshad Umar comScore, Inc. 71789
Arslanagic Dino Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. 78421
Artale Beverly 32366
Arteman David Oshkosh Corporation 44512
Artemis Michael 53955
Arterberry Steven Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner, P.A. 46314
Arthur David 30707
Arthur William 58814
Articola Phillip HC Park & Associates 38819
Artinger Erika Board of Regents for the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical Colleges 76682
Artis Ryan Riverside Law, LLP 67798
Artunian Dylan University of San Francisco School of Law 901063
Artz John Dickinson Wright PLLC 36431
Artz John Dickinson Wright PLLC 25824
Arun Preeti Lawson & Weitzen, LLP 71323
Aruti Ike Ike Arubi, Esq. 34538
Arvind Kamal Merchant & Gould PC L0799
Arwine Elizabeth U.S. Army Futures Command 45867
Arzu Quetia AT&T Mobility, LLC 52407
Asadi Zahra Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough 81193
Asady Beejan Choate, Hall, and Stewart 82070
Asam Michael Eli Lilly and Company 51417
Asaria Riyazhassan Klintworth & Rozenblat IP LLP 67305
Asarnow David 52569
Asato Wilfred 74677
Asbell Matthew Lippes Mathias, LLP 58960
Asbury E E J Asbury III, LLC 52570
Ascarrunz Veronica Perkins Coie LLP 52571
Aschenbrenner Peter 40436
Ascolese Marc Lab126 42268
Asgari Suekayna University of Richmond School of Law 901577
Ash Mark Mark Ash and Assocs PC 38820
Ash Bryant 73450
Ash Craig Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP 48228
Ashander Jaime Centre for Mathematical Biology 59247
Ashayeri Rouzbeh, Inc. 46523
Ashbaugh Brian Brian W. Ashbaugh 29040
Ashbridge Beth Goodwin Procter, LLP 79167
Ashbrook Robert Dechert LLP 52572
Ashbrook Charles 27610
Ashburg Ray Electrolux North America, Inc. 53956
Ashburn Steven Invoke IP P.C. 56636
Ashby Carol 54969
Ashcraft J. Snell and Wilmer L.L.P. 51024
Ashcraft Paul 79217
Ashdown Kristen Schmeiser, Olsen & Watts LLP 43682
Ashe Jesse Summa, Additon & Ashe, PA 44513
Ashe Oliver ASHE LAW PLLC 40491
Ashe Carol 31151
Asher Randall Randall S. Asher, DDS, MS 58437
Asher Robin Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, P.L.C. 41590
Asher Robert Sunstein LLP 30445
Ashery Lawrence Quadratec, Inc. 34515
Ashgriz Nasser UIPatent 44514
Ashkenazi Isaac Paul, Hasting, Janofsky & Walker 53957
Ashley Britt Eschweiler & Associates, LLC. 56294
Ashley William MRG IP LAW, P.A. DBA Mueting Raasch Group 51419
Ashley Stephen Ashley Law Firm P.C. 47394
Ashley Gary 51418
Ashley Blake City of Tucson 44013
Ashman Noah Miller Nash LLP 82146
Ashman Matthew XFRM, Inc. 52573
Ashok Theyjasvi University of Connecticut School of Law 901132
Ashraf Shovon 62270
Ashrati Tariq 50792
Ashton Nina Cogent Law 37273
Ashton Mark 65149
Ashton Wesley 47395
Ashton Andrew 75663
Ashton David 75403
Ashtor Jonathan Paul, Weiss, Riekind, Wharton & Garrison LLP 73239
Ashur Dor Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 75115
Ashworth Alexa IBM 70829
Asija S Our Pal LLC 27113
Askarian Amir Alston & Bird 72165
Askenazy Philip Peacock Myers, P.C. 56721
Askew Devin 81144
Askew Anthony Meunier Carlin & Curfman LLC 24154
Askew Gerald Askew Intellectual Property, LLC 57541
Askins-Sullivan Myra 57825
Askoff Keith 33828
Aslanis James Dickinson Wright RLLP 65944
Asman Sanford Law Office Of Sanford J Asman 26251
Asmar Lina Giroux Amburn PC 77845
Asmus Scott BAE Systems 42269
Asnaashari Mehdi 46524
Asongwed Anthony Federal Communications Commission 48081
Aspen Michelle Unified Patents 75665
Asperas Ignacio Asperas Associates 37274
Asphahani Fareid Perkins Coie LLP 72217
Asquith Brian 66129
Asrar Rafay John Rizvi, P.A. 76683
Assar Ali Cooper Legal Group, LLC 65848
Assefa Brook 61375
Assefa Marcus Perkins Coie LLP 72190
Assessor Brian Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton 71410
Ast-Gmoser Robyn Polsinelli 60029
Asta Frank Frank Asta, Patent Agent 46492
Aste Dylan 67617
Asthana Gaurav Atlassian 68603
Astin Joshua Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner, LLP 68932
Astle Jeffrey 38790
Aston Kathryn Vandeventer Black LLP 52435
Aston David 28051
Astor Sanford Brooks Kushman P.C. - Law Firm 20748
Astor Marlene 46005
Astvatsaturov Yuri Panduit Corp. 64832
Asuega Kainoa Crowell & Moring 64271
Atallah David Carlson Gaskey & Olds P.L. 66503
Atary Shahar 71613
Atchison Nicholas Arista Networks, Inc. 63446
Atefi Ali 63960
Atella Michael 38372
Athanassiadis Ariadni Kyma Professional Corporation 64997
Athay William Melaleuca, Inc. 44515
Atherton Ruth Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 56654
Atherton Kim Micro Encoder INC 48703
Athridge Thomas 32645
Athwal Pavinderjit Applied Signal Technology, Inc. 51029
Atif Rida Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 79976
Atik Ahmed Atik Law PLLC 78342
Atique Shuaib Hollister Incorporated 61307
Atkins Robert PATENT LAW GROUP 34288
Atkins Benjamin Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC 77543
Atkins Johnique 76963
Atkins Bruce Armstrong Teasdale LLP 43476
Atkins Michael 35431
Atkins William Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw Pittman LLP 38821
Atkinson Mary K&L Gates 48767
Atkinson Bryan Farney Daniel P.C. 52574
Atkinson Robert M&T Bank 57584
Atkinson Ariel 69995
Atkinson Alan 30993
Atkinson Robert 36433
Atkinson Christopher Bayramoglu Law Offices LLC 56063
Atkinson David Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP 56655
Atkinson Blake Fennemore Craig, P.C. 73136
Atkinson Holly 69934
Atkinson Garrett MH2 Technology Law Group, LLP 62645
Atkinson Kristine A/A Patent Investigations 52575
Atkison James 81165
Atlas Seth Seth J. Atlas, Esq. 32454
Atlass Michael Qualcomm Technologies Inc. 30606
Atlow Stuart Cisco Systems, Inc. 56503
Atluri Srikala Hewlett Packard Enterprises 74678
Attalla Nancy Ropes and Gray 81978
Attaran Aliyar 78695
Attaya Michael Cesari and McKenna LLP 31731
Attisha Michael Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, P.C. 68656
Attle Stephen 69279
Attwell Gwilym Fish & Richardson P.C. 45449
Attwood John 66805
Atwater David Atwater Law and Intellectual Property, PLLC 63610
Atwood Christopher Xerox Corporation 82147
Atzet Ian Maschoff Brennan 68461
Au Yiu Au Law Office 67529
Au Hin Meng Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati 62554
Au Alex Tung & Associates, Solicitors 72456
Au Alan 53958
Au Arthur Benny Pang & Co 60996
Au Roger 41591
Au-Yeung Artin Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP 76443
Aubain Max PMB 7811A 77295
Aubert Andrew Blue Origin LLC 74433
Auble Kathryn 57852
Aubry Anne Raphaelle Quinn Emanuel Urquhart Sullivan LLP 78526
Auchter Robert Auchter PLLC 38069
Auchterlonie Richard Novak Druce LLP 30607
Auchterlonie Thomas 37275
Aucoin Marie Benuvia Therapeutics, LLC 59414
Auderieth Andrew Christensen Fonder Dardi 78343
Audet Mathieu 67412
Audia Vicki 34539
Auer Kyle 80895
Auerbach Brian Ballard Spahr LLP 72166
Auerbach Andrew 38766
Auerbach Lindsey 75433
Auerbach Robert Rowan TELS LLC 46525
Auerbach Jonathan Radulescu LLP 59193
Auerbach Jeffrey Auerbach, LLC 32680
Auerback Harvey Nokia 66095
Aufai Madison Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton LLP 80985
Auffarth Ece 62939
Aufiero Joseph 62020
Aufrichtig Peter McCarthy Fingar LLP 31221
Auger Nicolas University of Detroit Mercy School of Law 901746
Auger Andreanne BCF LLP 64660
Augst Alexander Choate Hall & Stewart LLP 73785
Augustin Raymond Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz and Mentlik LLP 28588
Augustine Leonard 54766
Augustine Brian 71333
Augustine Andrea Duane Morris LLP 46526
Augustinsen Tyler University of Michigan Law School 901699
Augustus Angie 51421
Augustyn John Leydig, Voit and Mayer, LTD 33589
Auito Darrin Hubbs, Enatsky, Auito PPLC 56024
Auito Derek Dentons US LLP 52576
Aujla Rajpreet Aujla Legal 60060
Aulick Bradley E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company 65351
Aulisio Leander 31732
Ault Addison 67440
Aumais Jonathan Genentech, Inc 65710
Aumann Rebecca Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company 55930
Aurand Andrew Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. 61875
Aurzada Keith Reed Smith LLP 43477
Ausenhus Scott Seattle Genetics, Inc. 42271
Ausley James JW Ausley Services 49076
Aussprung Brent Michael Best 76354
Aust Ronald Ronald K. Aust, P.C. 36735
Aust Reynold 39590
Austern Elizabeth United Technologies CCS 61421
Austin Thomas Austin and Company 42272
Austin James Weaver Austin Villeneuve & Sampson LLP 39489
Austin Jacquelyn Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC 43478
Austin Melissa NanoLumens, Inc. 59493
Austin David Austin LLP 61126
Austin Sherry Philips IP&S 62356
Austin Joel Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren s.c. 59712
Austin Erin Venable LLP 66532
Austin Arthur Weil, Gotshall & Manges 61667
Austin Steven Electro Scientific Industries, Inc. 34541
Austin Wesley Austin Rapp 42273
Austin Shelton Polsine!li PC 60540
Austin R Russel Austin Registered Patent Agent 34540
Austin Christopher Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP 41592
Austin Suzanne 51168
Austin-Hollands Christian Christian Austin-Hollands Esq. 46527
Auten Stephen Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP 47396
Auteri Kyle Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz 74494
Auth Dorothy Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP 36434
Auton Gary 60622
Autuoro Michael Fish & Richardson, P.C. 73983
Auvil Steven Squire Sanders (US) LLP 40492
Auvinen Stuart g Patent LLC 36435
Auyang Heather 47397
Auyang Hunter Global Foundries Singapre Pte. Ltd. 33224
Auyeung Aloysius Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt PC 35432
Auyoung Sandy Sequenom, INC 54970
Avakian Patrick Canon,Inc. 54971
Avallone Pamela Juridica Asset Management (US) Inc. 51672
Avalos Peggy Georgetown Patent Services 42274
Avantsa Akshay Fenwick & West LLP 77962
Avellone Anne 43479
Aven Mauri AVX Corporation 42275
Avena Laura Desmarais LLP 78920
Avena Alma Lewis & Clark Law School 901726
Avena Steven Holland & Hart 75211
Avena Sonja Holland & Hart LLP 75198
Aversano Mary 54972
Avery Elohim Navair, Weapons Center, Weapons Division 60388
Avery Brian Nucor Steel 54622
Avery Matthew Baker Botts LLP 61127
Avery Brian Jefferson IP 60356
Avery Bryce Avery Enterprises, Inc. 52577
Avery Dirk iSenpai, LLC 62743
Avigliano Charles Steuben Foods, Inc. 52578
Avila Kenneth Making Innovation Count PLLC 65475
Aviles Pagan Emir Greenberg Traurig LLP 79453
Aviza Anthony American University, Washington College of Law 901199
Avniel Yuval Micro Powder Solutions, LLC 68182
Avolio Danielle Hudson Legal 53959
Avruch Phillip Phillip G. Avruch 46076
Avrunin Adam 45457
Aw I-Wei Dendreon Corp. 64432
Awad Andrew 81400
Awad George IAMG, LLC 46528
Awai Alexandra Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP 71614
Awasthi Vandana 64272
Awwa Monaf Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Professional Corporation 80708
Axelrod Nancy 44014
Axenfeld Robert Axenfeld Law Group, LLC 37276
Axon Jonathan 63399
Axt Karen Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft LLP 63483
Axtell David Stinson Leonard Street 51422
Ayala Salvador 69607
Ayala Caitlan Osha Bergman Watanabe & Burton LLP 81923
Ayala Adan Stanley Black and Decker, Inc. 38373
Ayazifar Babak 56793
Aycock Stephen Cygnet IP Law, P.A. 52579
Aycock Bradley Withrow & Terranova, P.L.L.C. 72032
Aycock Kyla 50682
Ayers Michael Verance Corp. 44015
Ayers David Myers Bigel, P.A. 40493
Ayers Brian Tucker Ellis LLP 74299
Ayida Benjamin 65237
Ayler Sylvia Merck Sharp & Dohme 36436
Aylo Rola Sterne, Kessler, Goldstein & Fox P.L.L.C. 75234
Aylor William 56849
Aylor Robert 20369
Ayoub Ahab Ayoub IB 50754
Ayrapetian Aram Novum Patent Services 64833
Ayres David Garmin International, Inc. 46529
Ayubi Farhanaz 80112
Ayvazov George Berenato & White, LLC 37483
Ayyalasomayajula Subhashini Mylan 64505
Azakli Maisami Ceyda 67530
Azar Gabriel Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. 66675
Azaran Amir Loeb & Loeb LLP 70243
Azari Helya 63586
Azartash Liam FENWICK & WEST LLP 78438
Azeez Mohamed Patent Ventures M3, LLC 71694
Azih Emmanuel Perkins Coie LLP 64273
Aziz Owais Haidermota & Co. 64754
Aziz Azie Womble Bond Dickinson L1304
Aziz Anjam U.S. Department of Homeland Security 73805
Azod Armin Law Office of Armin Azod 63303
Azrin Linda 44516
Azulay Y Imm Atty, LLC 27768
Azure Anthony Microsoft Corporation 52580
Azzi Robert Warner Norcross & Judd LLP 66628
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