Why would you choose TEAS Standard even though it's more expensive than TEAS PLUS?

Why would you choose TEAS Standard even though it's more expensive than TEAS PLUS?

  • 22 April, 2024
  • Nyall Engfield

Why would you choose TEAS Standard even though it's more expensive than TEAS PLUS?

Are you ready to embark on the thrilling adventure of trademarking but find yourself wading through the murky waters of filing options? Fear not, intrepid entrepreneur! When deciding between TEAS Plus ($250 per class) and TEAS Standard ($350 per class), sometimes it’s worth shelling out a few extra clams for the latter. Let’s dive into why TEAS Standard might just be the Range Rover of trademark filings (slow and wide), while TEAS Plus is more like an agile Mini.

First off, TEAS Standard is the “choose-your-own-adventure” of new trademark applications. Got a unique situation or a non-standard mark? TEAS Standard doesn’t box you in. It’s like ordering a la carte at your favorite restaurant – it might hit the wallet a bit harder, but boy, you get exactly what you want! It allows for custom descriptions of your goods or services, which is like telling the world, “I’m not just any brand, I’m a haute couture label of brands!” This is super-useful for unique or new products, or keeping the description broad to start with (you'll have to narrow the goods before registration).

On the other hand, TEAS Plus is like the prix fixe menu – it's cheaper, sure, but you have to stick to the predefined descriptions. It also WAAAYYYY faster to registration, saving 2 - 4 months on average It’s perfect for when you fit neatly into predefined categories, but let’s be honest, not all square pegs like being in square holes!

Also, TEAS Standard offers the flexibility of a yoga instructor when it comes to filing correspondence. You can opt to receive communications directly from the USPTO or through your attorney, which means if there's a hiccup, you’ll know about it straight from the horse's mouth, not third-hand through a game of Chinese whispers. However, your attorney can also add your email as a "Secondary Correspondence" address (we always do!) so you hear about developments right away, and don't pay anything for reporting.

If you use a cut-rate non-lawyer online service for filing they will almost always use TEAS Standard to avoid having to think about the precise goods (also, that would be giving legal advice which they are NOT supposed to do!). Check on the amount of official fees before going ahead with the filing.

In the grand marketplace of trademarks, paying a bit more upfront with TEAS Standard can save you the headache of trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. After all, isn’t your brand worth the extra investment to make sure it's as unique and flexible as your business plan? However, it will delay the registration. So, while TEAS Plus might be the fast, economic special of the day, sometimes it’s worth ordering off-menu to get exactly what suits your palate, if your product is unique or new.

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