The Name of the Tune - a play about an artist trademarking his name

The Name of the Tune - a play about an artist trademarking his name

  • 22 April, 2024
  • Nyall Engfield

The Name of the Tune - a play about an artist trademarking his name

Setting: A spacious, well-decorated office with music awards lining the walls. There's a large desk with a laptop open and papers scattered about. Two chairs face the desk where the musical artist, JAXSON, sits anxiously. Across from him, his trademark attorney, MARLA, looks over a document with a serious expression.


  • JAXSON: A passionate, upcoming musical artist.
  • MARLA: A seasoned, astute trademark attorney.

[The lights come up as JAXSON paces nervously. MARLA is reviewing a document intently.]

JAXSON: (Stopping his pacing, earnestly) Marla, I can't tell you how many times I've seen it happen. Artists come up with a unique name, they get a little buzz, and then bam—some copycat comes along and steals their thunder. I’ve put everything into "Jaxson." It’s not just my name; it’s my brand, my soul.

MARLA: (Looking up, reassuring) I understand, Jaxson. And that’s exactly why we’re going to make sure it’s protected. Your artist name isn’t just a label, it’s an identity that we’ll guard with as much fervor as you put into your music.

JAXSON: (Sitting down, frustrated) But what if it’s too late? What if someone’s already out there, using it and confusing my fans?

MARLA: (Confidently) That’s why I’m here. We’ll start with a comprehensive search, make sure the coast is clear, and then we file for trademark protection. If there’s a conflict, we negotiate. We can always find a way.

JAXSON: (Worried) And if someone refuses? If they don’t back down?

MARLA: (Standing up, determined) Then we fight, Jaxson. We build a case that proves your name belongs to you. We show your first use, your growing fanbase, your merchandise. It’s about showing your connection to "Jaxson" is not just business—it's personal.

JAXSON: (Nodding, gaining confidence) Right, right. I’ve worked too hard to let this slip away.

MARLA: (Putting down the papers, smiling) Let’s not forget, you have something they can’t copy—your talent. The authenticity of your music, the loyalty of your fans. Those things can’t be trademarked.

JAXSON: (Laughing, relieved) When you put it like that, it doesn’t sound so scary.

MARLA: (Encouraging) It’s just another hurdle, Jaxson. But hurdles are there to be cleared, right?

JAXSON: (Standing up, inspired) Right. Let’s do this. Let’s make "Jaxson" mine and mine alone.

MARLA: (Extending a hand, warmly) That’s the spirit. Together, we’ll turn "Jaxson" into a name that not only fills theaters but also stands alone in the spotlight—unthreatened and unmistakable.

[JAXSON shakes her hand, the tension in his face replaced by determination. They both smile, optimistic about the future.]

[Lights fade out, ending the scene on a hopeful note.]


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