Get others to monitor your brand use for you

Get others to monitor your brand use for you

  • 11 September, 2018
  • Nyall Engfield

You're busy running a business, and it's hard to find time to see who is using your brand on the major online retail platforms. Now it's time to get the help of the online retailers to monitor your brand use on their platform. Besides, who is in a better position to see how competitors benefit from your goodwill, than the retailers, like Amazon and eBay, the showcase their products?

We provide up to 41 major online retailers with information about your brand (you must have a registered trademark), so they can monitor use by others on their platform. We receive regular reports from them, which we forward to you. Best of all, once the brand is registered, monitoring by the retailers is free. 

Don't have a registered trademark for your brand yet? We can help with a trademark filing in the US, by CA Attorney Nyall Engfield. He has 10+ years with trademark filing and prosecution, having guided thousands of trademarks through to registration. He can also help with brand enforcement, when you detect unauthorized or unlawful use of your brand.

If you are interested in wider monitoring, we monitor use of your brand across the internet, and try to find other uses, even internationally, of your brand that you can stop or dissuade NOW. If you don't monitor and police your brand use, you can lose your brand. Don't put your hard-earned brand equity at risk - protect it today by monitoring brand use through TrademarKraft.

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