Benefits of Registering your Brand with US Customs – preventing import of knock-offs

Benefits of Registering your Brand with US Customs – preventing import of knock-offs

  • 11 September, 2018
  • Nyall Engfield

Once a brand is registered, it really starts to have power to protect a brand in the marketplace. However, most brand owners just sit on their trademark, only sending cease and desist letters when they notice a knock-off product. This is usually brought to their attention by a confused customer, and in the meantime there could have been hundreds of customers that bought the knock-off product, instead.

Knock-off companies closely monitor the online retailers for signs of success of a new product, and then they quickly copy the product and sell it for less. They also often select brand names that are similar to the successful product, so that they can benefit from the brand confusion that is created. However, they are so fast in knocking-off, and the response of brand-owners often so slow, that the knock-offs get months of sales in before they have to stop. And forget about damages, as the knock-offs tend to have no permanent establishment in the US.

What can be done to stop this? As a first step , registering your trademark with border services lets customs agents identify knock offs and seize the shipments before they enter the country. This creates two benefits – the confusing product does not enter the US to compete against yours, and the seized product is often lost to the manufacturer, hitting them in the pocketbook and making them think twice about trying again.

A second step involves registering your brand with the various online retailers, like Amazon, and eBay. Once informed of your brand, the retailers monitor for use of your brand by others, and report to you. They can also automatically prevent the listing from going up.

Register a Brand ( can help with your US customs filings, as well as registration of your brand with 41 online retailers, covering 85% of online retail. Contact us today to start automatically monitoring your brand on the online retailer platforms.


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