USPTO Statement of Use or Extension Request

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Did you just receive a USPTO Notice of Allowance? You're almost there! This is the last step before your mark registers. Are you currently selling in the US: If so, then I can help you. We need to show the USPTO that you are using the mark in US commerce. Or if you need an extension of time, I can prepare that instead. 

This service:
  • I will review your application and analyze your use. 
  • I will prepare your USPTO Statement of Use or Extension Request.

  • I will submit it for you directly. (No need for you to login and spend extra time) 

  • This Offer includes 1 USPTO class fee (a USD $100 value)

  • I will send you a confirmation receipt. 

Do you need a rush service (the deadline is coming up within 7 days), then kindly please notify me so that I can quote a rush price. 

I look forward to helping you out!
Best regards,
Nyall, your Trademark Attorney