New trademark application in one class with comprehensive search and opinion

Regular price $650.00

We will prepare a new US trademark application with a comprehensive search and registrability opinion to protect your brand and submit the Official fees in one class on your behalf. *If you need additional classes, we can send you a separate invoice. 

Sit back and relax, let the professionals take care of your application and submit it on your behalf so you don't need to spend countless hours logging in and getting verified on the USPTO system. 

This Offer is perfect for: 

  • new clients,
  • repeat clients,
  • foreign filers
  • Amazon filers or other marketplaces sellers, such as EBay
  • If you are using the mark, or not using the mark in US commerce. However, kindly please note that there are additional fees in the future (about a year from now), if we file "intent-to-use" (i.e you are not using the mark at the time of filing the application). 

We look forward to working with you!

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