Influencer on Youtube, Blogs or Instagram? Protect your Name

You have been producing hours of programming for your Youtube channel, or hundreds of blog articles for your blog, which is starting to see some serious traffic. That's great - now it's time to lock down your trademark rights in your name to make sure no one can take it away from you.

Trademarking your name is the only way to ensure it's actually yours.

Youtuber blogger trademark

just because you have the domain name or Youtube account name of your choice, doesn't mean that it is not similar to a registered trademark. If your Content Producer Name is similar to a registered trademark, the trademark owner may force you to change your name to something different, which may make it hard for your audience to find you online.

Your Youtube, blogging or Instagram content has made you an influencer and brings benefits of celebrity. It lets you discuss and interact with something that is important to you, that you are passionate about. You should approach this as any company approaches their product - by locking down your rights to your name, a sort of insurance of your most important asset (how people find you!) 

Youtuber trademark for youtube channel

If you register your trademark, then it benefits from a presumption of validity. As part of the examination process, the Examiner compares your name with other registered trademarks, so already, just by receiving a registration for your trademark, you also can be reasonable certain it does not conflict with other marks in the register. 

File a trademark with us today about how to protect your Youtube Name, Blog Name, or Instagram account to be sure you keep your name yours.