Amazon FBA - Benefits of Registering your Brand

Are you selling on Amazon, using Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)? If so, registering a US trademark is particularly important and confers some substantial benefits for protecting your brand and within Amazon itself. The Amazon Brand Registry is a register of US and international trademarks, to create a more accurate and trusted experience for consumers. There have been significant changes in the Amazon Brand Registry re-opened since May 2017, so let's look at what the current Amazon Brand Registry has to offer a Brand Registrant:

1) You receive additional Amazon listing capabilities when you register a US trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry. 

2) You can prevent other sellers from using your trademark by registering it on the Amazon Brand Registry, reducing confusion and increasing your brand equity.When a similar brand is noticed, it opens a dispute resolution process. 

3) You will have access to a proprietary text and image search, and other brand management tools for listings with your brand name.

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Benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry

What additional listing features will you receive as a Brand-Registered Seller? For starters, the ability to upload custom videos to your product description, and have a unique Amazon URL as well as customizable product details. You also benefit with Increased control over product detail pages, such as titles, details and images, and the ability to list products with different product identifications outside of UPC and EAN codes

How to Register for the Amazon Brand Registry

In order to register your US trademark with the Amazon Brand Registry, you will need to provide:

  1. your USPTO trademark registration number,
  2. images of the trademark logo,
  3. images of products and packaging that carry the trademark,
  4. a list of product categories in which the trademark should be listed,
  5. a list of countries where the brand is manufactured/distributed,
  6. a website for product and brand, and
  7. an official email for a brand representative

The benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry can only be received for a registered trademark. We have been practicing trademark law for many years, and use some insider techniques to ensure your trademark registers as fast as possible, to provide the earliest protection for your brand. This is especially important where someone is knocking off your brand, and taking advantage of the goodwill you have built over the years. You won't be able to register until you have that Trademark Registration Certificate in your hand,

It is important to comply with the Brand Registry requirements for the Amazon store you are selling on. For the US Amazon site, the Brand Registry specifies “we currently only accept active word marks that have been issued by government patent and trademark offices in the United StatesCanadaMexicoIndiaJapanFrance, GermanyItalySpain, the United Kingdom, and the European Union.” For Amazon UK, the Brand Registry specifies “we currently only accept fully-registered word marks that have been issued by national government trade mark offices in FranceGermany, ItalySpain, and the United Kingdom, or by the European Union Intellectual Property Office.”

As a European mark will get you protection in the US and on European Amazon sites, it may be prudent to apply there, however European CTM Trademark fees are high and the registration process is slow compared to the US. Another alternative is a Madrid Protocol mark, which permits trademark applications in a number of countries at once, but you will receive objections from countries where a similar mark is already registered, so prepare for some paperwork. Also, Madrid is slow to register in many countries, due to the added layer or bureaucracy (WIPO then the country Trademarks Office).

 For full protection of previously-enrolled brands in the new Amazon Brand Registry, you will have to re-register those marks under the new criteria.

 For new products, you may not want to invest in a trademark until you see how those products are selling.

 We can manage your Brand Registry account as a service, and review and take action on potentially infringing uses of your mark or other intellectual property if they arise.

 You can report infringement to Amazon without the Amazon Brand Registry, through a Report Infringement form, for alleged trademark, patent and copyright concerns.