Before filing a new US trademark, it is important to check whether the trademark is already in the USPTO database. If there is another similar trademark in the database, it may block yours.

There are two types of searches: i) a direct hit search and ii) a comprehensive search.A direct hit trademark search identifies the same marks, which is already included with our new trademark application service.

We also have comprehensive in-depth search packages, which identify similar (not just identical marks) for similar (not just identical) goods. Most importantly, an attorney will review the search results and advise which trademarks are a problem and which are not an issue. We'll also give you your chances at registration and the risks you are facing.

We can also help you pick a brand name that is registrable if you are undecided.

Do you have a few brand names in mind and want help to pick the best one that has the highest probability of getting a US trademark? We'll advise, with a search, in terms of registrability of your trademark.

Under the basic and standard package, you tell me one or 3 names you are proposing and what you will be (or are selling), and then we will perform a search and determine which has the best chance of becoming a US registered trademark (based on our years of experience preparing thousands of trademark applications and seeing which names get registered).

The premium package is if you have no idea which name to go with, have a great business idea and want help to pick the brand name with the highest chance of becoming a registered US trademark (maybe you need it for Amazon Brand Registry). You simply tell me which product/service you are working in (ex: selling clothing, like hoodies) and that you want a name with 5 characters or 2 words with about 6 characters each, for example.

Wishing to start with a search? If you’re ready to get started with a search, click on one of the packages and we look forward to helping you!

Skipping the Search?

If you prefer to bypass the search phase, you can directly opt for the New Trademark Application Standard Package. Many clients select this route for various reasons, such as existing branding or a strong preference for their chosen name.