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Revival of Abandoned Trademark - Further Information

If a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) trademark application goes abandoned, the timeframe for reviving it depends on the reason for abandonment. Generally, the USPTO provides mechanisms to petition for the revival of an abandoned trademark application, but strict deadlines apply.

Deadlines for Reviving an Abandoned Trademark Application:

Read about Abandonment and how to Revive your Trademark

Reviving an abandoned trademark application is a process that allows applicants to potentially restore their application after it has been deemed abandoned by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). An application can be abandoned for several reasons, such as failing to respond to an office action within the prescribed timeframe or not filing a Statement of Use (SOU) by the deadline. However, not all is lost when an application is abandoned. If the abandonment was due to unintentional delay or oversight, the USPTO provides a mechanism through which applicants can petition to revive the abandoned trademark application. This process involves filing a Petition to Revive, along with a statement explaining the unintentional delay, and paying the required fee. It's crucial for the applicant to provide a reasonable explanation for the delay and to act promptly once the abandonment has been noticed, as there are time limits for filing such petitions.

Choosing to revive an abandoned trademark application allows applicants to continue pursuing trademark registration without starting the application process from scratch, preserving their initial filing date. This can be particularly valuable in a competitive market where timing and priority can influence trademark rights. However, it's important to note that successful revival of the trademark is not guaranteed and depends on the USPTO's evaluation of the petition and the circumstances leading to the abandonment. To increase the chances of a successful petition to revive, applicants often seek the assistance of a trademark attorney who can navigate the complexities of trademark law and ensure that all procedural requirements are met, and maintaining the momentum towards securing their trademark rights.


Examination After Revival: If the Petition to Revive is granted, the trademark application will return to active status and continue through the examination process. This may include further actions from the examiner, requiring timely responses from the applicant.

Permanent Abandonment: If a Petition to Revive is not filed within the allowed time frame, or if the petition is denied, the abandonment of the trademark application becomes permanent, and the applicant would need to file a new application to pursue trademark registration.

Given the complexities involved in reviving an abandoned trademark application, including strict deadlines and specific requirements, it's advisable to seek assistance from a Trademark Attorney at TrademarKraft.

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