What to do once your trademark registers

Once you have registered your trademark, there’s nothing else to do. Right?

Wrong. You have an obligation to police the use of your mark in the marketplace. With enough unchecked usage, you may lose your trademark. Even worse, a copycat who has been using your mark may be allowed to continue their use.

How can you keep track of trademark use if you are busy? The USPTO won’t help you protect your brand once it’s registered, they won’t even bring it to your attention if a competitor is trying to register a similar name. Traditional trademark watch services only monitor the trademark databases, but the problem is that the copycat is selling through online retailers.

The solution? Register your brand with online retailers. We will register your brand with Amazon, for one flat fee. We can also register your brand with border services to prevent import of knock-off goods, and give you a leg up in stopping the problem before it starts. Contact us today.


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