How to protect the name of your online store

How to protect the name of your online store

  • 19 July, 2018
  • Nyall Engfield

Online selling is about getting noticed in a sea of competitors. However, with proper brand recognition, good customer service and great products, eventually you can carve out your niche. Once you have it, how do you protect others from trading off your goodwill?

Once a company starts having success, cheap imitators notice and make products similar to yours, at prices lower than yours, and often sell through the same channels to you do. As underhanded as it is, it may present legitimate competition until they take your name, or something confusingly similar. Through trademark law, you can protect your name from unauthorized use by competitors. But first you need to have a registered trademark. 

We can help with a trademark application to get you on the way to having a registered brand name, which gives you a presumption of validity that your trademark is valid and is, in fact, yours. This can give you a huge advantage to stopping copycats before they can get a foothold with your customer base.

With a registered trademark, you can also register your trademark with Amazon, Ebay and other online sellers, which look out for similar names and prevent sale and/or put the copycat on notice. You can also use your trademark for DMCA takedown notices, to remove online content that infringes your trademark. You can use a registered trademark for a trademark infringement lawsuit, which provides tremendous leverage to prevent a competitor from using a similar name, and make them change the name to stop confusing your customers. 

Having a registered trademark also creates a significant asset for your business, and should you ever decide to sell it, can provide the new owner with assurance that investments into the brand will not be wasted with a unwanted name change down the line (and potential for damages). In some larger companies, the trademark alone can be worth BILLIONS!

It's quick and easy to file a trademark. Browse our package selection and get started with your trademark filing today.

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