Adidas trademarks - what's the goal of the portfolio?

Adidas trademarks - what's the goal of the portfolio?

  • 05 April, 2024
  • Nyall Engfield

Adidas has a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to trademark protection in the U.S., covering a wide array of products and services. The trademarks range from logos representing their iconic three stripes and various product designs to the names of technologies and product lines. For example, trademarks include specific designs and logos used on clothing, footwear, and even the unique profiles of their tennis shoes.

They also cover more general product categories like waterproofing compositions, shoe cleaning preparations, and sports equipment like soccer balls. This extensive trademark portfolio not only protects Adidas's physical products but extends to software applications and services related to digital content, demonstrating the brand's broad reach across both physical and digital realms​ (​.

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The Adidas trademark strategy is built on safeguarding its brand identity and maintaining the integrity of its vast product line. By trademarking a wide variety of logos, product designs, and names, Adidas ensures comprehensive protection against infringement and unauthorized use of their intellectual property. This strategy reflects a commitment to preserving the brand's reputation for quality and innovation, as well as securing its position in the competitive sports apparel and equipment market. The decision to protect such a diverse range of trademarks underlines Adidas's focus on both its heritage products, like footwear and apparel, and its ventures into newer areas like mobile applications and environmental initiatives​ ​​ (Adidas Group Report)​.

This broad approach to trademark protection is not just about legal enforcement; it's a strategic move that supports Adidas's marketing efforts, ensuring that the brand remains distinct and recognizable across various platforms and products. It helps in building and maintaining consumer trust by guaranteeing that any product bearing the Adidas name or its associated logos meets the company's high standards of quality and design.

Adidas' trademark attorney is John Zaccaria of Notaro, Michalos & Zaccaria P.C.

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