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Trademark Filing by Licensed US Attorney

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Let a licensed attorney prepare and review your trademark application.

  • Extra-Comprehensive Trademark Search
  • Full Trademark Application by an Attorney
  • Filing and Monitoring Application Progress

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The Fast Trademark Filing with Deep Search™ is for Individuals and Small Companies who want a fast trademark filing and want to be extra sure the application gets through to registration. Our proprietary Deep Search™ gives you more information about which similar names are in the Register, so that you can be sure of your chances before you file. We also look for obvious barriers like descriptiveness and peoples' names. Together, these remove about 90% of the barriers to filing you will face. Once you approve the draft application, the application is filed by an attorney. We send you the Filing Certificate and monitor the application's progress!

Search: Deep Search™ so you can see if similar marks are in the USPTO Register (which might cause a barrier to registration) before you commit to the trademark.

Preparation of Trademark Application, Electronic Filing and Monitoring of Application Progress

FEES: Our Fee Doesn't include USPTO Filing Fee of $275 (plus our 3% payment processor charge), charged separately when application is approved for filing

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are not 100% percent satisfied by our professional service, we will gladly refund the amount you paid to us. Please note USPTO trademark fees are non-refundable, according to USPTO policies.

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