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Office Action Response - Complete

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Are you running into roadblocks or issues with your trademark application? Let's discuss it! I have 10 years experience as a US trademark attorney, and can give you your best shot at saving your trademark application.

Advantages of working with me:
- Licensed California Attorney #295387
- intimately familiar with US case law and legal principles of US trademark law
- fluent English, no misunderstandings

I can help with rejections based on:
- likely to cause CONFUSION 2(d)
- merely DESCRIPTIVE/generic 2(e)
- primarily a SURNAME
- geographically descriptive
- deceptive
- multiple related marks
- modification of goods and services
- add/remove CLASSES of goods and services
- FILING BASIS, from use to intent-to-use
- submitting a substitute SPECIMEN
- description of the mark
- translation
- color claim
- name or entity description
- Statement of Use
- responding to an opposition

Often, the objections are indecipherable. However, my familiarity with the process will provide you with a clear route forward - I will be able to identify exactly what the Examiner needs to withdraw the rejection of your trademark, and issue a notice of allowance.